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Birthday Party in Spain


Cordoba, October 23, 2007
Birthday cake and Cappuccino


“Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you…” Our French camping neighbours are singing for me at midnight, from inside their tent. It`s October 23. I guess my birthday has started.
Next morning I find `birthday pain au chocolat` in the hammock, in front of our tent. It` s a beautiful day once again and we head out to town. The idea is to get a book, in a language that I can read. In Spain, this is like finding a needle in a haystack . The choice is incredibly limited and I end up with some murder story. Of course we find good cappuccino and pie, and we go out for dinner. While enjoying live guitar playing, we eat tapas and drink red wine.


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The first week


Cordoba, October 22, 2007


I`m lying in a hammock while writing this. Not incredibly convenient, but certainly a luxury position compared to the hard ground I was sitting on before. Antoine and I have made it to Cordoba. We are in Andalucia, the south of Spain. We`re experiencing wonderful weather circumstances. Last week, while camping out in the country, mornings and evenings were pretty cold. However, during the day we had to be careful to avoid sunburn.


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The Spanish and their food


Two o`clock in the afternoon seems to be the best biking time of the day. The roads are clear because everyone is having lunch. A Spanish lunch is different from as well the Dutch, as the American habits we are used to. Some people might eat a simple piece of bread, however with a lot of chorizo, but most sit down for a three course meal. In the villages that we were biking through last week, it seemed as if the entire village got together in a bar to have the day’s menu. Lettuce and olive oil to start with, everything with bread and with red wine and for a very decent price. Sometimes you pay as little as 6,50 euro for the lettuce, three courses, wine and coffee.


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On our way to Africa


Madrid, October 8 2007 


Finally, the day of our departure had arrived. After a crazy last couple of weeks, in which we packed up our house (or what was left of it after selling half of our belongings) and in which we tried to say goodbye to our friends and family, leaving The Netherlands happened unexpectedly suddenly. Only when we went through security at the Eindhoven airport, did I start to realize what it was that we were doing. Not only leaving on a long and adventurous trip, but basically moving away from the country that I grew up in. It made me cry. However, I was still very certain that this is what I want to do.


Griñon, October 12 2007 


After staying in a nice campground in Madrid to sleep, to rest and to work on our website, we started biking. Quite a challenge to make our way out of this huge city, but once we were out, biking started to be enjoyable again. We slept in an olive orchard.


Toledo, October 14 2007


Scrambled eggs, sausage and orange juice. Not a bad ´Sunday Morning Breakfast´, isn´t it? We´re in a campground in Toledo, doing laundry, enjoying the best showers in Spain and discovering the city. We are taking it easy, letting our legs get used to biking, our backs to sleeping on the ground and our minds to living the life of worldbikers. Camping is fortunately a routine to us. Since it is sunny and warm, it´s a pleasure to be outside. How different from last year. Timing is certinly better this time around. We are expecting to be in Spain for three more weeks, unless biking becomes easier quickly. But so far Spain is no punishment. People are friendly and willing to help.